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The Cult Classic MonoTub Grow Kit Is the Most Popular Method for Bulk Mushroom Growing

mushpro mono tube grow kit, You do not need any expensive lab equipment or prior experience to get started with this kit. We do all of the hard work by pre-preparing and sterilising fresh growing medium in versatile and ready-to-use bags. This kit comes with everything you need to grow the mushroom species of your choice, from start to finish. Combined with simple and clear instructions on the entire growing process to make it super easy.

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Great mushrooms start with great spawn. We firmly believe that our optimally hydrated millet is the best grain spawn you can use. Millet grain is one of the best options for spawn production, it is superior to many other grains as it colonises rapidly and resists contamination.

Once your millet has colonised, simply mix with the bulk substrate in the bag. This makes spawning to bulk as contamination free as possible.

Gone are the days of having to trawl through decade-old shroomery posts to figure out the mystical but often confusing science that is growing mushroom. You can get started today with our MonoTub Kit!

Ease 🍄🍄🍄🍄

Speed 🍄🍄🍄🍄

Yield 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄


What’s Included 

  • 1kg millet grain spawn
  • 1.5kg bulk substrate
  • Martian MonoTub
  • Sterility Kit
  • Fine Mister
  • Covered by our lifetime guarantee 

WE DO NOT INCLUDE gourmet spores/culture or a physical copy of the growing guide with this kit. Instead, we have a comprehensive mushroom growing guide on our website that gives a step-by-step process on how to use this grow kit. As well as some of our own tips and tricks we have for optimising your grow.


Freshly Made With Quality Ingredients 

Good ingredients make for good grow kits. That is why we only use 100%, natural and organic substrates in our kits. Mushrooms are quite sensitive to artificial chemicals and do not grow well on contaminated substrates. It is for this reason that we only use the finest, natural ingredients for your ‘shroomies’. Giving you the perfect nutrient-rich environment that is optimal for your mycelium to thrive in.



Please aim to use your grow kits soon after receiving them. If you need to store them, put them in the fridge. They can last a number of months before they expire.


How much substrate do I need for a Monotub?

You want to have 3-5 inches of substrate. One 3lb injection port bag should inoculate one or two moderate sized tubs. You want to start by sprinkling about one inch of bulk substrate. into your sterilized monotub, or in the liner if you’re using one.
How much does a mushroom kit yield?
Expect to grow: 2-3 harvests of mushrooms / 150g – 300g
We’ve had some customers grow up to 4 flushes of mushrooms from our kits but on average you’ll get 2 harvests. Once the kit has run out of nutrients and water it will be “spent” and won’t produce any more mushrooms.11 Aug 2022
How big should a Monotub be?
A monotub should be 54 quarts, more or less. That’s the size of monotub we always use, and we recommend that you do the same. whether you’re planning on ordering our All-in-One kit or not!


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