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 single mushroom can produce hundreds of thousands of spores. These are like microscopic plant seeds. They contain all the necessary genetic material to form a new fungus and are essential for its life cycle.

Different species of mushrooms all look unique, and so do their spore prints. Because of this, mycologists like to study the pattern of a print to identify its species. To produce spore syringes or vials for microscopy, they can also be suspended in a solution. Identifying mushrooms with microscopy is simple. It is also a really fun hobby!

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Our plentiful array of mushrooms offers something special for every palate. With countless varieties, from wild mushrooms to cultivated mushrooms, here at Fine Food Specialist we have something for every occasion. Whether you are looking for fresh, frozen, dried or popular varieties such as Morel, Girolle and Porcini, we offer a broad selection to make each dish extra special. 

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Girolles, commonly known as the Golden Chanterelle, are one of the most prized and sought after mushrooms due to their exquisite taste, with an aroma that hints at fruity apricots.  To ensure you can eat them all year round, we source them from both Europe and USA, meaning no matter the season they will make the perfect ingredient for a show-stopping main.

For a more flavoursome dish, try combining them with our yellow chanterelles and generous helpings of parmesan for an utterly divine risotto. Equally delicious are our other varieties of seasonal wild, fresh mushrooms like Pied Bleu, Trompette de la Mort, Mousseron and Pied de Mouton.

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mushroom recipe uk

What are the characteristics of magic mushrooms

While magic mushroom varieties are each in a unique class of their own, there are a few common identifiers. Broadly speaking, magic mushrooms have a golden-brownish color with stems of bluish flesh, particularly apparent when bruised. The blue typically indicates the presence of compounds like psilocin and psilocybin, although this isn’t always the case. Magic mushrooms are usually gilled, protected by a dark purple veil. It appears as a tiny, dark purple ring at the top of a broken stem. 

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