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 psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars  uk and the Benefits of Psilocybin

Psilocybin is an ingredient of a certain type of mushroom, commonly known as a magic mushroom. These mushrooms have dark brown tops and white or light brown centers with long, thin, whitish-grey stems. They are a hallucinogen that has been around for many years, with the most well-known use of them in the sixties and seventies by “hippies.” These people of that time period used magic mushrooms to get high and lose themselves in a psychedelic world and consumed the mushrooms in large quantities.mushroom chocolate bars
Today many of the people who use psilocybin use it in micro doses for medicinal purposes much like marijuana is used. Psilocybin has been found to help many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD when given in small doses. It has also been found to increase the growth of neurons in the human brain and allows for the creation of positive mindfulness and well-being. It has also been shown to improve memory and creativity. they also been found to help with people who are trying to quit smoking and has had positive effects on people who have had cancer. sigmatic functional mushroom blend chocolate
Psilocybin is usually used in edibles such as chocolate, gummies, teas, capsules, and bars. You can buy psilocybin in Stem Chocolate Bars, which are delicious candy bars. It can also be consumed in raw mushrooms and dried ones, as well. You need to be careful to take psilocybin in micro doses to get the desired benefits, taking too much can lead you on an unexpected trip. Listed below are some more of the benefits of psilocybin.
  1. Mental Health Relief
Many people are finding that psilocybin has been relieving them of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. They also help with relieving addictions and helps others to help them stop smoking.mushroom chocolate bars
  1. Relief of Cancer Related Psychological Distress
There have been some studies that have been done to see about the efficacy of psilocybin. A double-blind study by Johns Hopkins in 2016, threatening cancer diagnosis. functional mushroom blend chocolate bar
  1. Increase Motivation
There have been studies that show that psilocybin helps to increase motivation and allows people to get more done. This can help people to get their jobs quicker and help to motivate them to do things around their home. lions mane mushroom
  1. Increase in Concentration Level and Productivity(bar wrapper mushroom    
It has been shown that there is an increase in levels of concentration which therefore causes an increase in productivity. It only takes a micro dose to see this increase and you can get this micro dose in edibles. magic mushroom chocolate
  1. Increase in Creativity (chocolate bar mold)
People have been seen to be more creative after consuming micro doses of psilocybin. medicinal mushrooms dark chocolate edible mushrooms uk amazoncom four sigmatic functional mushroom
  1. Smoking Cessation and Cessation of Other Addictions
In studies also done by Johns Hopkins, it was shown that a small amount of psilocybin has also led to the cessation of smoking and that subjects remained smoke-free over a twelve-month period. The study suggested that if this worked for smoking, it could work for other and cocaine addictions. bar dark chocolate limited edition

Will Psilocybin Ever Be Approved by the FDA? (chocolate bar wrapper)

mushroom chocolate bars
Even though there is a lot of positive research done that proves that psilocybin is good for many people in many ways, there is currently no suggestion that it will be approved by the FDA anytime soon. This is still a dangerous substance if it is not used correctly and right now there is no 
Experts feel that it will only be approved for use in medical clinics or hospitals and will never be allowed for general use that could put it on the streets. They cite an increased cardiovascular affect that can lead to increased blood pressure and irregular heartbeats as reasons for this. They also cite serious and permanent psychological effects from its use. chocolate limited edition with chaga
PSI Chocolate Bars
If used in a meticulously controlled environment it has shown that it could do lots of good. The researchers that have beenusing it for studies have named all the risks and have found ways to overcome those risks in a controlled environment. They say that if controlled correctly, the efficacy rate of psilocybin rivals that of other treatments that have already been approved by the FDA. It would be helpful to so many people if the FDA could approve it
Frequent Ask Questions on psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars uk

What are the benefits of microdosing mushrooms Mushroom chocolate uk?

There are still many benefits associated with microdosing mushrooms mushroom chocolate  uk have a long history of association. With spiritual experiences, awakenings, and self-discovery. Mushroom chocolate uk, contains psilocybin and psilocin. A psychedelic drug that targets the serotonin receptors in the brain Sale!

What is mushroom chocolate? (mushroom hot chocolate )

Mushroom Chocolate (10 bars) – A crave worthy chocolate that will help you triumph over your day.Each wealthy dark chocolate bar has our famous Mushroom Blend in it.

How much psilocybin is in a mushroom chocolate uk? 

Enjoy our psychedelic mushroom bars uk. Our mushroom bars contain a 3.5g of psilocybin infused within each bar. What mushroom good for depression? All our mushroom bars will help you medically.

What are the health benefits of eating mushrooms?

May be helpful in maintaining heart health. Mushrooms spores have been shown to have some therapeutic properties. which may help lower cholesterol, particularly in overweight adults. They also contribute nutrients and plant compounds. That may help prevent cells from sticking to blood vessel walls. and forming plaque build-up.

What are the best magic mushrooms chocolate bars?

If you’re looking for a tasty way to enjoy magic mushrooms, then you’ll love our classic Milk Chocolate Bar. Our Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar is sure to please anyone’s sweet tooth. Each chocolate bar comes with 3.5 grams of high-quality magic mushrooms infused within the chocolate.

What is mushroom chocolate?

mint dark chocolate

Mushroom Chocolate (10 bars) – A crave worthy chocolate that will help you triumph over your day. Each wealthy dark chocolate bar has our famous Mushroom Blend in it.

What happens when you eat a chocolate mushroom bar?

Magic mushrooms are best eat because they provide a stronger trip. But the mushroom chocolate bar makes each bite easier to savor because it eliminates the earthy bad taste. After eating the chocolate mushroom bar. the psilocybin is convert to psilocin as the body processes it. 

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